Women in Cleantech Panel: Clean Economy Jobs

November 16, 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, we find ourselves in a recession with sky-rocketing unemployment rates while storms and fires have relentlessly reminded us of the impending climate crisis. With this reality, it is easy to slip into a pessimistic attitude, but clean energy jobs are the linchpin solution to the economic and environmental pressures that we are facing. At the same time, solar is king, electric vehicles are going mainstream, and electric and hydrogen airplanes are flying. The time is now to embrace the cleantech transition and build a green recovery, wholeheartedly with equity and diversity at the center of that effort.

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability invites Erika Symmonds,VP of Workforce Development and Service Learning, GRID Alternatives, Michelle Romero, National Director, Green For All, and Adam Zurofsky, Founding Executive Director, Rewiring America, to illuminate what jobs are available in the cleantech transition and how to fill those jobs with people who may not be in the industry at all right now. Moderated by Sara Fuentes and Glenna Wiseman from WCS, this panel promises to provide a lively and productive conversation on one of the most pertinent topics.

A cleantech economy will only be successful if it is inclusive of all Americans and integrates a diversity of perspectives, skill sets, and community-oriented solutions.



Glenna Wiseman, CEO, Partner, TerraCurrent image

Glenna Wiseman
TerraCurrent CEO, Partner

Matthew Hirsch, CMO, Partner, TerraCurrent image

Sara Fuentes
Founder/President, Smart Waste

Thursday, December 3, 2020

11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern