Solar Marketing Strategies for Successful Campaigns

October 24, 2021

Do you have a documented strategy for social media, email marketing, SEO, public relations, and more? It’s a simple but often overlooked fact that you need written strategy to focus marketing efforts.

Be consistent in marketing. Make sure your marketing transcends your distribution channels and resonates with your audience, wherever you find them.

Plan and execute solar marketing strategies that home in on the people you can help the most. Research the best tactics for getting your message to them.

Here we will share some solar marketing strategies that TerraCurrent has put into practice. We will explain why solar marketing strategies are important and offer guidance on how to create them. Lastly, we’ll provide some examples and resources you can utilize on your own. 

What are solar marketing strategies?

A marketing strategy is a documented plan for promoting and selling a particular line of products or services across a select group of channels.

Solar marketing strategies directly tie marketing activities to bottom-line business results. The overarching strategy should include a combination of:

  • Brand messaging
  • Content
  • Digital marketing
  • PR

Why are solar marketing strategies important?

Building a marketing team and developing a focused marketing strategy is a crucial first step when launching a business. A haphazard approach wastes time, money, and energy. Not the path to sustained success!

Let’s say your marketing team releases a flurry of ads, social media posts, e-mails, and other promotions that promise to attract customers. People flock to your business at first out of curiosity, and awareness of the brand grows. Something is working. No need to ask tough questions.

Then you encounter some challenges, such as the interest slump after a grand opening. It happens to every business. You look for budget cuts from marketing. Which programs are consistently lifting company profitability? The only way to answer this question is marketing strategy.

Companies that figure out these targeted solar marketing strategies from the beginning have a head start on profitability.

How do you develop solar marketing strategies?

Whatever strategy you choose, keep it simple and clear for your entire team. Then build processes that are repeatable and scalable.

Any sound marketing strategy requires the following actions:

  • Define your target audience. What are the traits of those who are or may be interested in your brand? Get to know them well.
  • Develop an efficient plan to reach them. Where does your audience work, play, socialize, and hang out online? What platforms get the highest engagement?
  • Deliver a consistent message across marketing channels. Don’t stray from your marketing promises. What content and voices reinforce key brand values?
  • Evaluate results against marketing investment. Track responses and adjust campaigns accordingly. What tactics build momentum and deliver revenue consistently?

Exploring smart solar marketing strategies as defined by organizations involved in research and sales of sustainable energy sources can be beneficial. Other essential steps include hiring a company, like TerraCurrent, experienced in developing marketing plans for solar and other clean energy sources, or exploring available templates that will get you started on building your own personalized solar marketing strategy.

What are some examples of solar marketing strategies?

TerraCurrent’s work with The Orange Button Initiative is a great example of developing a marketing strategy from ideas to delivery.

To help form strategic partnerships, educate key stakeholders, and increase the initiative’s reputation across the industry, TerraCurrent developed custom original content, coordinated messaging with media partners, defined strategic KPIs for all efforts, and tracked coverage and results across channels.

Unsure how you would do this for your own brand? Download TerraCurrent’s planning guideline for developing a solar marketing strategy.

From branding to conversion, this template will guide you through the main components of a sound marketing strategy, including:

  • Brand
  • Goals
  • Setting
  • Competitors
  • Core Strategy
  • Themes
  • Discovery
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Still have questions? Contact us for help in creating a custom marketing plan to boost your brand’s profitability.

Where can I find additional resources for planning a solar marketing strategy?

Templates make planning so much easier, and many options exist to help you consolidate the important components. Here are just a few:

CoSchedule offers a holistic marketing plan with separate templates for each chapter.

Asana provides a variety of templates to organize components of your marketing plan “from conception to execution.”

Hubspot lets outline an annual marketing strategy, identify your company’s most essential initiatives, and track applicable metrics.

FYI offers both a one-page strategic marketing plan template and also planning materials content marketing, blog and social media scheduling, brand positioning, marketing campaign tracking, and more.

This Forbes Magazine article defines the key points to include in a marketing plan, with links to free templates and additional resources.

Take the next step now

Any solar marketing strategy is better than no strategy at all. Yes, take care when forming your solar marketing plan, but don’t postpone the task simply because you don’t have the perfect solution. You can always tweak your solar marketing strategy as you become more familiar with what works.

You don’t need to do this alone. TerraCurrent is here to help. Fill out our marketing strategy request form for custom data-driven recommendations on how to improve your solar marketing program.