Publicity with a Purpose: Harness PR for Business Growth

If public relations seems like casting out a message in a bottle, it’s time to try something new. See how your activities and results stack up and plan for continual improvement.

The secret to successful public relations isn’t really a secret at all. Start with strategic planning. Identify media outlets that match your audience and the subject-matter experts who can address topics of interest to your company and the industry. Have clear and readily available materials for journalists. Reach out to writers to develop story ideas.

TerraCurrent brings a pragmatic approach to PR. We invest in tools and processes that help standardize best practices and measure results. We use research and company objectives to drive decisions on pitching editorial, investing in events, and forging media partnerships. Most importantly, we tie PR activities back to strategic goals. Everyone likes good publicity, but we prefer to promote sustainable business growth.

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Thought Leadership

Build a reputation as an authentic and engaging source of information for the media that communicates with your customers. Provide a fresh perspective that can help you stand out in a crowd.

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Media Support

To be a go-to source in the media, make information easily accessible with fact-filled press releases, an up-to-date press kit, and a prepared response to media inquiries.

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Sponsored Content

When another brand publishes your content, it helps prove the power of your message. Select brands that align with your interests and the communities where you belong.

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Message Development

Anchor your PR program with clear and consistent messaging on the topics that you will address in the media, at industry events, and other venues.

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