Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women, 2014 Study


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Women from 34 states answered the call to submit their opinions in the solar industry’s first ever female consumer-oriented marketing survey published in 2014.

Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women was led by TerraCurrent’s Glenna Wiseman and Raina Greenfest now with SolarEdge. Survey results were cited in the National Solar Jobs Census 2013 published January 2014 by The Solar Foundation® in concert with The George Washington University Solar Institute and the BW Research Partnership. The findings were discussed in many industry articles and presented to installers including the Enphase Energy dealer network.

The survey framework followed the 5 Stages of Buying outlined by leading marketing to women expert, Marti Barletta. Barletta’s research notes that 80 percent of women initiate home improvement projects. They control the family budgets and make or participate in the decision to go solar in over 90% of American homes.