October 2020 Newsletter

October 22, 2020

The solar industry is good at marketing to men. We can instill confidence about technology and financing and protecting the integrity of your roof. How well do we understand female customers? How are women represented in our branding and sales pipelines? Market research on the buying motivations of women represents a growth opportunity. We looked at this topic in October, and we’ll continue to do so out of a commitment to help make our clients leaders at marketing solar to women.

Adding diversity to the solar sales pipeline

Women drive household solar adoption at each step in the decision making process. As noted in the 2014 report “Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women,” women often decide when to enter the market, which contractors to shortlist, what to say in sales conversations, how to handle bill payments, and who receives customer referrals. Engaging female customers leads to stronger business performance. You can build brand awareness. Generate more leads. Increase revenue and profitability.

Who We’re Together With

Researchers on marketing solar to women

Building off pioneering research by TerraCurrent CEO Glenna Wiseman on women’s influence in residential solar decision making, we hosted a virtual event to improve our understanding of the female buyer persona. Joining us were Chelsea Schelly, a sociology professor who authored of a recent study on residential solar adoption in upstate New York; Jessica Bailis at E Source, who will present a poster at Solar Power International on marketing residential solar to women; and Spencer Fields at EnergySage, who has analyzed women’s share of traffic at the EnergySage website.

How You Can Get Involved

Join our webinar on Tuesday, November 10

November is a great time of year to step back, celebrate what’s worked and identify some opportunities for improvement. Strategic decisions you make now will help you hit the ground running once the calendar flips to 2021. If your brand wants to focus on marketing solar to women, join us Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 11 am Pacific for a one-hour webinar called One Size Does Not Fit All: The Female Solar Buyer Journey in 2021. TerraCurrent will lead attendees through our process for identifying customers and guiding them from brand awareness to customer conversion and beyond.

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TerraCurrent partners at SPI 2019

Glenna Wiseman, CEO & Partner | Matthew Hirsch, CMO & Partner | Aimee Tuck, COO & Partner