July 2020 Newsletter

July 9, 2020
Welcome to TerraCurrent’s first monthly newsletter! We’re more than a holistic branding, marketing and PR agency. We’re a mission-driven organization committed to economic growth, climate change, sustainable energy, and gender equality. So we’re using this newsletter to share some of the ways that we partner with like-minded groups of people to reach collective goals. Join us! And please tell us how we can work with you to make a difference. Together we do more.

Building Community

You can evaluate some email newsletters based on conventional marketing metrics. How many new customer leads are you generating? What is the ratio of newsletter subscribers to sales-qualified leads? What is the value of repeat business driven by subscribers? None of these metrics will apply to this monthly newsletter. Instead, we’ll measure success based on our corporate social and environmental performance. We’ll report results in an annual public benefit report.

Who We’re Together With

500+ Leaders in Clean Energy, Clean Transportation and Corporate Sustainability

With half a century of combined industry experience on our team, TerraCurrent has built a network of industry leaders who are shaping the future of electricity, mobility, and how businesses succeed in the green economy. To move the needle on what matters most, we’ll need contributions from every area of expertise: finance, legal, policy, software, manufacturing, and more. Our intent is to grow and engage our network for the benefit of all.

Which companies should we be connecting with? See our new Twitter lists with leading brands and organizational leaders in clean energy, clean transportation and corporate sustainability.

How You Can Get Involved

Invite Us to Join Your Campaigns

One aspect of leadership that we value is knowing when to follow the lead of others. At the end of each newsletter, we’ll close with a short description of how to join us in the projects and campaigns we’re supporting to address economic growth, climate change, sustainable energy, and gender equality. Before asking your support in our work to bring about social and environmental change, we’d like to offer our support to you. If you inspire us, we might not only get involved. We might also feature your work in an upcoming edition of the monthly newsletter.

Take care,

TerraCurrent partners at SPI 2019

Glenna Wiseman, CEO & Partner | Matthew Hirsch, CMO & Partner | Aimee Tuck, COO & Partner