Project management was the first and most critical reason why TerraCurrent started to run core parts of our business on Zoho. On Wed., Dec. 8, TerraCurrent chief marketing officer Matthew Hirsch will join our Zoho partners at Delta Data Services along with other Zoho service providers and users to talk about new developments on the Zoho platform and how they are improving business performance.


Attendees will

  • Learn the number one reason TerraCurrent switched to Zoho
  • Find out how much time we save by bringing all business data into one ecosystem
  • Have the opportunity to ask us anything about our experience with Zoho

Featured Speakers

Glenna Wiseman, CEO, Partner, TerraCurrent image

Ebitari Larsen
Delta Data Services

Matthew Hirsch, CMO, Partner, TerraCurrent image

Dr. Kris Lea
Kris Lea Consulting Group

Aimee Tuck, CCO, Partner, TerraCurrent image

Ann Jagert
Breakthrough Solutions

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern