Four Decades of Clean Energy Experience, at Your Service

Getting immersed in clean energy is like learning a foreign language. Work with an agency where the team is not only skilled in branding, marketing, and PR but also fluent in clean energy technologies, markets, and more.

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When you work with TerraCurrent, count on us to enrich your perspective with years of experience in and observation of the clean energy industries.

The learning curve for newcomers in clean energy is steep. We relish the opportunity to take technical information and not only communicate effectively with experts but to distill and translate ideas from one specialist group to another.

By following key developments and knowing who’s who in the industry, we bring you fresh insight in the market, the competitive landscape, and evolving business opportunities.

We invest in the communities we serve. Wherever you find important discussions about clean energy, at industry events and in the media, you’ll see us too.

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Renewable Energy

For many companies in solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal, the market is vastly different today than it was when you got started. How do your brand and digital assets reflect the changing terrain?

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Energy Storage

Everyone affected by utility service disruption is looking at energy storage like never before. Successful companies will continually engage customers so you are front of mind when the time comes to add storage to the facilities plan.

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Smart Grids

Microgrids and other distributed energy innovations open up business opportunities for everyone in the clean energy space. Can you imagine generating and storing energy on skyscraper rooftops to power a new aerial transportation network? Uber can.

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Energy Efficiency

Thanks to remote monitoring and control technologies, we all have more power to manage how much energy we use, when we use it, and even the sources of energy we use. Efficiency is becoming easier and more valuable to the end customer.

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Many of the organizations that are investing in decarbonization are communicating with similar groups of people. Find out how biofuel companies can partner with other clean energy brands to expand your consumer audience.

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