Showcase your Identity, Connect on an Emotional Level

Branding establishes a unique presence in the marketplace, building relationships and encouraging your core audience to trust your voice and your values.

It’s often said that a brand is so much more than a logo, and it is. Brand strategy conveys what do you stand for and what makes you unique. Whenever you tell your brand story, be consistent. And captivate your audience.

By specializing in clean energy, clean transportation, and corporate sustainability, TerraCurrent can better understand your mission, your offer, your competitors, and your market. We take the time to ask the tough questions. And the easy ones.

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Style Guides

Build your brand using solid building blocks defined in one document. By capturing your visual identity, brand voice, and brand values in one place, it will be easily shareable with new hires and vendors, working to create a cohesive image of the company.

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Visual Identities

Create a visual representation of your company brand values and personality that will appeal to your key customers. A good visual identity will be complete enough to create a unified system across all media, while being nimble enough to work with future media.

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Apply brand and visual identities and persona-driven content to attract the right prospects. Move them through the buyer’s journey to meet or exceed business goals.

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Engage your core customers via paid media outlets. Using solid brand imagery combined with well-crafted copy, make an impact with print, web, and digital advertising.

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Help your customers understand how your company can alleviate pain points with engaging visual content. Whether video is simple or complex, it should offer value to the viewer while reinforcing your brand strategy.

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